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18 Wild Perks That Come With Working At Develandoo

Develandoo has a culture that believes that a good employee is a happy employee, and when it comes to employee happiness, DVLD pulls out all of the stops.
We’re blessed to have such cool management and HR team that work hard to make every day a good day. They go to epic lengths to spoil us rotten and constantly come up with new benefits that leave us speechless.
And a big thank you to all of the team members who go above-and-beyond the call of duty to make DVLD a one-of-a-kind office environment.


Company Days

From DVLD company events such as Halloween, women’s day, in-house chess, and Mortal Kombat championships to such activities such as team cinema, barbeque at the office balcony, offsite events within gorgeous Armenian nature, etc. Our regular company events are a great way to bond with coworkers.

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AI Company Armenia









Funday Friday

Quiz night, debate club, grill, or different cuisine parties is all about Funday Friday. Friday usually includes happy hours, free food, and drinks!  

AI Company Armenia AI Company Armenia

Epic Holiday Parties

Our holiday parties would make Jay Gatsby blush😊. Check out our blog from last year’s holiday party, which included a beautiful place, delicious food, and of course fun dances!


Free Health Insurance

Your health matters. That’s why our employee health insurance plan is 100% paid for by the company. You will have access to the best healthcare facilities in Yerevan.


Education/Development Annually

Whether you want to attend the conference or take a new course or purchase a new book to sharpen your skills, Develandoo will pay for you to keep growing with us!

AI Company Armenia AI Company Armenia

Professional Development Plan

PPP is a roadmap containing the skills, strategy, and education you need to further yourself in career and life to achieve your professional goals.

Technical Presentation/Product Townhall

To help keep people stay connected and learn more about different projects we organize regular company Town halls where team members make in-house product updates. During technical presentations, we talk about the technologies we use and product milestones.

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State-Of-The-Art Office

Our modern office is located in the center of Yerevan. Easily accessible by metro, bus, car, even bicycle! From our balcony, we enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the Ararat mountain. This is not an open space, each team has its own equipped room, so you can enjoy your work in peace.

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Brand New Equipment

Develandoo offers new model laptops to employees, so you can mosey around the office, catch up on emails at home, or host an off-site team meeting.

Parking Space 

Parking in Yerevan can be a drag — especially in working hours. With our great office location, it will not be difficult to find a place for your car right next to your work.

Gaming Zone

We have an MK-styles gaming zone with a variety of games, home-gym equipment, and PlayStation, so feel free to de-stress with the last version of Mortal Kombat or Soccer! If you need a break and you prefer table games, it awaits you as well.

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DVLD Welcome package 

DVLD welcome bag comes with super-soft t-shirts, hoodies, and oodles of awesome accessories like cups and stickers.

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Sick Day OFF

We get it. If you feel ill, or sick or have a cold but still, can feel that you can work- instead of coming to the office- with 2 paid sick days off a month, you could easily stay at home and work from home.


28 paid days of vacation a year, which you can divide into parts that are convenient for you.

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Company Stock Options

We value and are proud of our teammates. Our team is part of the company’s success. That is why we reward them for excellent performance and share ownership with our best employees.

Contests and Prizes

DVLD rewards loyalty – win a Monthly Prize at a Social Guru nomination for DVLD social media activities or for the best photo in our DVLD Office! 

We share the joy of the most important events in your life – so we are happy to congratulate you on your birthday, work anniversary, maternity leave, etc.

AI Company Armenia AI Company Armenia


Gym Membership

Develandoo covers gym membership to a full-service modern gym such as spacious “Multi Wellness” located in the center of Yerevan for every employee. Relax in the pool before your workday or break a sweat on the treadmill!

Community Work

Giving back is part of the culture at Develandoo. We care about climate change, so we separate garbage in our office and try to eliminate plastic. We’ve raised money for needy kids, and annually participate in the landscaping of Yerevan! 

Feeling a little jealous? Develandoo is an AI innovation lab. We hire people with precision. If you want to work for Develandoo after reading about these amazing perks subscribe to our social pages and don’t miss the latest position updates.


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