A Day at Develandoo

Everything starts with a cup of strong coffee. It’s some kind of an unspoken rule to follow or a special ceremony to organize for warming up our brains and set them to work. Well, I’m not going to speak about the benefits or drawbacks of morning coffee, instead, I want to tell you how we organize our days at Develandoo. Ideally, they start at 9:30, early birds are already in the kitchen waiting for the sleepaholics to join them. We all gather at the kitchen to speak, laugh, joke, share some nice ideas which suddenly came to our mind when we were just trying to sleep last night, comment on the recently watched film or breaking news, complain of the traffic which was hell, remember our lifetime dreams about impossible trips, and why impossible, because the destination is Mars. 🙂 So we’re gradually giving some energy and spirit to the sleeping office and shift to our usual work. Then the routine begins. Discussing and debating, joking and laughing, mastering some additional skills of listening to each other, asking many questions and clarifying, it’s all about our standups. An important and sometimes neglected part of the workday is the lunch break which surely boosts productivity at work. Our teammates are actively encouraged to take their breaks, particularly a full lunch break as we all realize what an effect it has on health, concentration, even mood. We have teammates who prefer home-made food and the ones who like eating outside. During lunch breaks, our enthusiasts usually try to relax by playing PS4 Games (Football, Mortal Kombat), chess which has become so popular here that we’ve initiated Develandoo Chess Championship. Chess geeks are excited and they are even staying late after work to further strengthen their tactics.

So after lunch,  we are gradually preparing ourselves for the second half of the workday. Our teammates are hardworking and dedicated and we also have the ones who are hardly convinced to take breaks and take a rest. Overall, we’re trying to add some colors to our work atmosphere so that we don’t come here just for work as we don’t want this company to be just a formal place to work, it’s a place to combine work and fun, have bright and remarkable moments, share our super cool ideas, obtain good friends and connections, ensure both professional and personal growth, fail and rise, get tired and freshen up, give up but never stop believing in yourself and succeed. We’re trying to keep our spirits up and be a good team despite all the normal issues, possible misunderstandings, ups and downs.

There are days when we have guests from abroad; journalists, partners, industry experts, we welcome them, introduce to our company, and organize a live demo of our products. Once a week we usually have town hall meetings as for us, encouraging the team to be more open and responsive is of utmost importance. These meetings have proven to be productive as our teammates prepare for them quite seriously. Analyzing the previous week they raise various questions, give their feedback which is another opportunity for our managers to clearly see what aspects of the company need further improvement.

And now I’m going to write down the closing lines, put the laptop aside and prepare for today’s interview. Oh, yeah, and excuse me, I didn’t even introduce myself. I’m Ofelya from the Human Resources department. I just had a strong desire to share my thoughts with you, hope you liked them. And by the way, welcome to our office in case you want to meet us. 🙂 

Editor: Syuzi Muradyan 


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