A Developer with Some Hidden Talents. Artur Says Everything is Possible When You Try

We continue presenting our series of interviews titled ”People of Develandoo”, and today we’ve prepared another interview with one of our endlessly positive and talented teammates. Our backend developer Artur has shared some interesting thoughts about his life and career, goals and achievements, challenges, and the way he copes with them.


-Artur, life would be so boring without…

-emotions. I think everybody will agree with me that life without love, happiness, laughter, or even sadness and anger will make no sense. I’d also mention the dancing. It’s like valerian and adrenaline in one. 😀 It makes me feel relaxed after a hard-working day and keeps me the most alive person.

-You’re a person who….

-will be responsible for every action that he must take or he promised to take. It’s that simple.

-What’s the recent thought roaming in your head more often?

-I am awe … wait for it … some. Awesome. 😀 If you know, you know.

-What do you miss the most during this self-isolation period? What are you planning to do first after those old days are back?

-Although I consider myself a person who lives in his separate world and feels totally fine with it, I miss my friends a lot. I just can’t wait to see them again and cheer the moment when we finally pass through this situation and can again have fun together.

-A developer with almost 5 years of experience, what did it take you to be here? Why this sphere?

-Well, since my childhood I have always been a tech guy in our family who could understand how to ”make that work” without even reading the instructions 😀 and I liked computers overall. I was always breaking things while trying to understand what was inside and how it was working.  Finally, when I started studying at the faculty of ‘’Information Technologies’’ I chose my path and till this day I’ve been working hard to learn and master myself as a developer, because right now the tech world is growing fast, and everybody should keep up with it or they will lose.

-Artur, what are the main difficulties, challenges of your profession?

-To continue my above-mentioned point, I’d again mention that we are working in a fast-growing industry, and our challenge is to be developers of high demand.

-What other professions would you choose if not programming?

-A doctor or an architect, definitely one of these two. 🙂 I like to build and draw figures with mathematical accuracy. I am also a person who wants to help others, and that’s what doctors do.

-An incident that made you think of giving up on something?

-Every time I am losing my confidence I am giving up, and doesn’t matter what it is. So I promised myself to never listen to others’ complaints that I can’t do things and moreover, never listen to my own thoughts that ”it’s over’’, ”don’t even try”. You know how it is when you talk to yourself, or is it only me who have inner conversations with that inner loser? I don’t know. 😀

-Who are those people you admire the most if there are any? 

-I would say, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. They are history-changer personalities, and however, they managed to stay simple in their lives. From my sphere, I’m thankful to Linus Torvalds for creating Linux Kernel which is the base of the most famous Operating Systems now.

-Do you see yourself as a team player best or you’re more a lone worker? 

-Actually, I feel comfortable in both, but it’s a matter of choice and I prefer to work with a team. There are a lot of things that you need to handle as a lone worker and you will have a lot of missing things during the development, and it will distract you. On the other hand, in a team, your tasks are separated and everybody is doing their work and it’s working really well.

-Do you remember your first day at Develandoo, how was it?

-I remember, on my first day, there was a birthday party. I saw how people were united and how they were congratulating, so the atmosphere was really great.  I thought, yeah, this is really nice. Some day they will congratulate me too, haha.

-Artur, how is it to collaborate with the Develandoo team? Based on your experience, why others should join this company?

-Fortunately, I managed to work with a lot of people at Develandoo, and my relations and the working process with the teams are great. I’ve never felt that at some point we will say that we can’t do this or that.  We always find solutions to every problem. 🙂 Yeah, when we say the word ”team” it means that each person is responsible to help and share their knowledge with a co-worker. I’m grateful to those who have been teaching me and happy to help others who need it. So, if you want to grow as a developer with some cool guys who want to change the world, we welcome you.

-What’s the most interesting part of your job here?

-I’ve always wanted to work on a project that would somehow make a change in the country or even in the world. So, now our team is developing Scylla which aims to prevent any type of terror attack by detecting guns or violence with the help of the cameras.

-Artur, is there a certain destination or point you want to achieve both in the long-term and short-term period? What are you doing for that?

-Life is an infinite highway so when you reach some point, you should find another point that will drive you to that destination. Constant learning and self-development motivate me a lot. By learning new things you become better not only from a professional aspect but also you change yourself as a personality.

-What has driven you to be where you are now in your life, career? What will be your advice to people?

-Work hard and remember that everything is possible. You just need to be confident enough.


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