A Revolutionary Security System which Gives 99% Accuracy in Detecting Acts of Violence. Scylla Co-founder Speaks about Unique Solutions

As we continue to introduce our series of articles based on talks presented at M-AI Summit which was hosted by Develandoo Innovation Lab, today we’re going to explore another interesting topic, ”Intelligent Augmentation for Your Surveillance Security Systems” by our next prominent speaker Ara Ghazaryan from Scylla.

Ara has spoken about Scylla – the leading developer of computer-vision based facial, behavior, and object recognition tools for first responders. Using the strength of AI, it aims to prevent/neutralize acts of violence by distributing instant alerts to response units through web and mobile channels with information about the identity and location of the potential threat, thus helping neutralize the source and prevent human losses. 

Ara Ghazaryan is the technical co-founder of Scylla. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Optics and Molecular Physics and over a course of 9 years, he has been a postdoctoral researcher at Munich Technical University, Pusan National University, and National Taiwan University. Being a physics guy with a background in optics and imaging techniques he tackled problems of image analysis very early in his career. Back in National Taiwan University, where he first built and consequently utilized optical systems that were aimed to address biomedical diagnostic problems the main challenge was to first learn how to distinguish images corresponding to pathogenic tissue samples or quantify compounds based on their optical features followed by even more challenging task of teaching the computer to do it automatically and (as it turned out) even better than a human would do. All this experience, later on, came in handy developing a sophisticated state-of-the-art Computer Vision-based Scylla. 

He mainly touched upon the challenges in developing surveillance security systems and the opportunities provided by Scylla explaining the topic on certain use cases and showing how exactly this system works and what’s the beauty of its solutions.

‘’This is an example of how advanced AI is currently being and what it’s capable of. Scylla is a revolutionary security system based on Computer Vision algorithms and utilizing AI concepts’’ stated Ghazaryan.

What Scylla does is helping its customers and law enforcement agencies in identifying possible acts of violence before they happen, prevent crimes, and encourage discipline due to its unique capability of image and facial recognition. This system gives 99% accuracy as a result of which it can drastically reduce response time. The underlying engine of the platform of Scylla is based on Deep Content Understanding technology. The AI-based platform comprises a combination of Machine Learning and Computer Vision methodologies to recognize all visual aspects of the video. 

Our speaker further explained in detail how exactly this system was developed, what parts it’s composed of. After the talk, he organized a live demo of Scylla. 

This was just a snippet from Ghazaryan’s talk. If you want to learn more about the topic, you can visit our youtube channel where you’ll find the videos of all the Munich AI Summit talks.

Scylla team has recently developed a thermal scanner – an AI solution that can be used for detecting elevated skin temperature in high-traffic public places through quick multiple target screening. The Scylla Thermal Scanner provides AI-based analytics, which, combined with a state-of-the-art thermal camera, enables continuous contactless and non-invasive accurate temperature monitoring. It can be used for preliminary screening in border checkpoints, airports, educational and government institutions, manufacturing warehouses, and hospitals.


We are thankful to all our sponsors (Fujitsu, Women in AI, Liquid Newsroom, Scylla and Urgestain, Wayra Germany), participants and the speakers for attending our Munich-AI Summit 2019, the one and only free event in Munich area related to AI.

As we have already announced our Meetup group ‘’Power Humanity With AI’’ is going Global & Virtual because of the unprecedented global situation caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. This means in the upcoming period, Develandoo will be organizing and running a series of webinars and virtual online sessions which will include leading professionals in the field of AI and Machine Learning. 


Develandoo is the leading AI company in Armenia. As an innovation lab, Develandoo has successfully created over 30 products for global enterprises such as KPIT Germany and Welocalize USA.

Develandoo has also incubated three in-house startups which are leading the markets in their areas of expertise:

  1. Scylla – World’s leading gun detection system
  2. Protogen – Generic Tabular Data platform

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