A short story of Lilit’s Unique Formula for Success and Motivation

As we continue presenting our series of interviews titled ”People of Develandoo”, today we’ve prepared another interview with one of our interesting and inspiring teammates. Our QA lady Lilit has shared some of her ideas about life and career challenges, the formula for success and motivation. 


-Lilit, what color describes you best?

-I’d probably mention red and yellow because they are the most lively ones. I also like the white color as a symbol of peace and quietness. Sometimes it seems I’m white for strangers or people who don’t know me well and red-yellow for my relatives and close friends. 

-You’re a QA engineer with almost 1.5 years of experience, why have you chosen this profession?

-I came across this profession very suddenly (it’s a long story), but I felt that it’s totally mine, and now I don’t even imagine any other profession, that’s why I put all of my efforts into improving my knowledge and skills in this sphere. I like the idea that you should care for the project to have really good results. Everything starts with caring for absolutely everything you do, and I love to find a critical bug not because I want to tell that developers don’t perform well, but because at that moment I see how much I’ve grown that I could find that bug.  

-What are the main difficulties, challenges of your profession?

-When I was just starting my career path everything could seem like a challenge. Actually, there is a lot to learn here regarding the technical part.

-How is it to work with the developers of Develandoo?

-My experience is not much for making comparisons, but we have really super professional developers in our team so we never have any issue during our discussions. 

-Do you remember your first day at this company, how was it?

-It’s a day I’ll probably never forget. I got a very warm welcome. After walking around the office and getting acquainted with the team I came back to my table and found a hoodie with a DVLD logo and a notebook on which it was written ‘’Welcome Lilit’’. It really made me happy. I also remember everybody was writing welcome on Slack and I was thinking long on some nice answer to write back because I was excited. 😀 

-Why Develandoo?

-At Develandoo we’re solving major issues, and it’s so inspiring when you realize you’re not alone and even in case of a minor issue you can turn to your teammates and receive support. The environment is, indeed, friendly, and as we spend most of our time at the office, it often seems we’re at home.

-Will you mention an incident that made you think of giving up on something?

-To tell the truth, I can’t remember such a case, I’m almost always motivated.  

-Lilit, is there a certain destination or point you want to achieve both in the long-term and short-term period. What are you doing for that?

Sure, I have many goals, but let’s keep them in secret. I’ll tell you when I achieve them. 🙂 

-What has driven you to be where you are now in your life, career. What’s your advice to people?

– I’ll sum it up with a single word. It’s my family. I get so much support and inspiration from my relatives. Regarding my advice, I’ll just tell people to dream big. Set goals and plans for the future but work hard today.




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