AI workshop session at USC

Last week had a pleasure to give a workshop session at USC on AI and Computer vision for students and start-ups as part of monthly activities.

We covered the difference between neural networks, how they function and used in real life.

Students and start-ups were keen to find out which machine learning method or technology they need to use to advance in their career opportunities, how to master it, which lessons to take. Fortunately, USC has a very good faculty on Computer Science where deep knowledge of machine learning can be gained from different aspects.

USC has a variety of industry experts and professors in that field willing to contribute and grow a new generation of data scientists in their journey to disrupt industries using AI.

At the end of the session had a chance to participate in a panel discussion with other lecturers and mentors.

We covered different aspects of our own career growth and received a lot of questions from students about Develandoo. It’s not a secret for anyone anymore that AI is going to be more impactful than the creation of smartphones and students in USC realize this. More and more people switch from standard computer science to data science and this is very encouraging for me to see, especially on this scale.

According to Forbes magazine, jobs requiring machine learning skills are paying an average of $114,000. Advertised data scientist jobs pay an average of $105,000 and advertised data engineering jobs pay an average of $117,000.

Still, on the average industries need twice more data scientists than the market can supply and the only hope is the young people who are willing to learn and go through this journey with universities like USC and companies like Develandoo.

It was very interesting to see a lot of young people interested in joining Develandoo internship program. Some students even applied immediately which is always a good result for us and proves that we are an attractive employer for young and ambitious professionals across 5 countries.

Overall I can say this was a great experience for me and looking forward to my next sessions at USC next month!

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