BarCamp Yerevan 2019: Meet, Find and Take the Opportunity!

June 22, 23. A lot of people standing in a queue from early morning at American University of Armenia to be a part of the most wanted tech and media event in Armenia, BarCamp Yerevan 2019. Two very dynamic and interesting days which were dedicated to helping the participants seek closer ties, find new, fresh opportunities, attend different insightful sessions conducted by professionals and just network. This year’s BarCamp was really remarkable also for us, Develandoo team, as we met a lot of new and promising people, introduced what we can offer them and how they can benefit by joining and cooperating with us, shared our sweet wishes which gave people positive emotions and smiles, showed a live demo of our product Scylla with guns and just felt team power once again. 

We were excited to support the organizers to make this event a reality as we know how it’s important to invest in platforms that enhance the knowledge and skills of young and promising individuals and help them find their dream job. Besides all of these opportunities, this event was another proof of how we can act like a real team uniting the efforts, be it during preparations, participation or partying 🙂 

Develandoo’s HR lady Ofelya Ghazanchyan says those 2 days had a long-lasting influence on strengthening the team spirit.

‘’We had prepared many interesting things for the event: games, guess and live demo of our product. People were curious who are those guys with guns, and we were delightedly showing how our unique smart security system works and prevents crimes. As for me, one of the important aspects of participating in such events is again feeling team power as it should be visible not only in an office environment but also out of it. Besides, the experience shows that in such environments we find many talented people, let’s say potential candidates to join our team”.

We were glad to see the number of people and interest in our company and services grow, as well as happy faces after reading Develandoo’s sweet wishes like ‘’Whatever your goal is in life, embrace it, visualize it, and for it will be yours’’, ‘’Error 404: Issues Not Found.’’, ‘’You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.’’ etc.  

We were also there to support one of our teammates, data scientist Karlos Muradyan who together with co-author gave a talk on ‘’Vocal extraction from music with deep learning’’ based on their own project.

Quite an engaging talk it was! By the way, you can find some info about the project as well as support by visiting here. 

And to sum up, just many thanks to the organizers for the event as it’s also a unique platform aimed to help people find companies that are the best fit for them.

And after checking this list, if you think you are the one to join our team, just find us, we’ll be happy to meet you. 🙂

Develandoo is the leading AI company in Armenia. As an innovation lab, Develandoo has successfully created over 30 products for global enterprises such as KPIT Germany and Welocalize USA.

Develandoo has also incubated three in-house startups which are leading the markets in their areas of expertise:

  1. Scylla – World’s leading gun detection system
  2. Cibola – World’s first in-store analytics system
  3. Protogen – Generic Tabular Data platform

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