Björn Weigel tells us Why have Western economies lost much of their energy?

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This is Albert, and welcome to the next episode of Cyber Podcast.

For those who do not know who am I – I am a Startup investor and advisor, A.I. Specialist and the main strategist of the software accelerator Develandoo where we support companies in building products using AI and Predictive analytics.

In this week’s episode, I am more than happy to host Björn Weigel!

Björn Weigel is a business strategist, investor entrepreneur. Bjorn published his book “The Innovation Illusion” which is on the list of best books of 2016 and a “must-read”.

Some of the questions that I asked Björn:

  1. You state that Western capitalism has lost its mojo, can you give a bit more details?
  2. What do you think about Scandinavian startup ecosystem?
  3. Do you think bureaucracy and hierarchies stop innovation?
  4. How do you think government regulations should support startup ecosystem?
  5. Is Europe ready for the next Industrial Revolution?

What do you think about entrepreneurial hubs in Eastern Europe?

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