Code Slam at Burda Bootcamp

The high-speed programmers

What do you think  20 programmers would be able to come up with in only four hours? Burda Bootcamp’s new Code Slam event, which took place last week and gave participants two surprise tasks to choose from.


Develandoo CEO Albert Stepanyan had been a part of the main jury at the Burda Bootcamp hackathon event in Munich. Participants presented their applications related to artificial intelligence and chatbots.

Code Slam Versus Hackathon

The biggest difference between the code slam and the hackathon is that all participants of the code slam are on their own, and have to submit code that works in a very short time frame. The two themes participants had to choose from were chatbots and blockchain, and were only announced on the day of the event. This means that no one had time to prepare beforehand.


Two innovative winners

The winners impressed the jury with their ideas and the way they had implemented them technically. Babur Duisenov thrilled the audience, presenting a Java-based chatbot assisting in insurance consulting. Tim Jäger received a prize for his Blockchain Implementation in Closure. Both winners  an Apple Watch 2 and 200 Euros in bitcoin.

  • Topics:
  • Artificial Intelligence

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