Develandoo’s lead data scientist, Armen Ghambaryan, participated in the CVPR Expo 2018 (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) Conference held on June 18-22 in Salt Lake City, Utah in the U.S. Hosting 6,500 participants this year it’s considered the world’s top conference in the field of computer vision, and Develandoo was honored to be a part of it.

Ghambaryan took part in one of the presented tutorials on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). He said it was a thorough look at state of the art approaches applied to this particular machine learning/deep learning framework.
”The tutorial identified potential research directions,” says Ghambaryan, as well as  the limitations the framework must be aware of.

The tutorial on GANs was organized by industry leaders, including the inventor of the framework himself, Ian Goodfellow! Each of the organizers and invited guests presented new approaches for building adversarial networks. The tutorial concluded with a vibrant panel discussion on the future and strengths and weaknesses of GANs. The CVPR Expo 2018  included presentations of recent research papers on the latest in computer vision. There are several potential applications that Develandoo can utilize and we are enthusiastic about the possible uses coming out of this conference. Stay tuned.

CVPR provides an exceptional value for students, academics, industry researchers and companies like Develandoo. We are privileged to have had Armen Ghambaryan attend and participate this year. The knowledge and skills he brings back in the field of computer vision contribute to furthering the work being done at Develandoo and we are excited for what the future brings. 



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