Digitizing Your Business is Not Enough Anymore. Juanjo Diaz Emphasizes the Importance of Adopting New Data-driven Solutions

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for humanity, but since, as the saying goes, every challenge is also an opportunity, that’s why today we announced that our Meetup group ‘’Power Humanity With AI’’ is going Global & Virtual. This means in the upcoming period, Develandoo will be organizing and running a series of webinars and virtual online sessions which will include leading professionals in the field of AI and Machine Learning. 

Along with this initiative, we continue to offer our expertise through materials like articles, interviews as well as keep a more active presence on our social platforms for our audience to stay always engaged.

So keeping up the tradition of sharing articles on various topics touched upon during our M-AI Summit, today we’re giving an overview of the talk ‘’Fueling Business with Data’’ presented by Juanjo Díaz.

He is a cloud expert with extensive experience in digitalization and data platforms. Juanjo’s career started in London’s Fintech industry and then moved to Finland’s industrial digitalization. At Intopalo Digital, Juanjo leads the Web & Cloud area which coordinates with other areas like data science, cybersecurity or XR to help customers in digitalizing their businesses. Juanjo has led multiple platformization efforts for global companies involving technical aspects as well as the organizational and business changes required to adapt to the modern digital world.

The fourth industrial revolution has radically changed the way that industrial companies do business. Digitizing the business is not enough anymore. Companies need to embrace the new digital world and create new services and business models driven by data and artificial intelligence. In this talk, Juanjo highlighted the important role of data and data-driven solutions in this new landscape, and he showed some use cases of how data-driven solutions and artificial intelligence can impact the business of industrial companies.

Our speaker opened his talk by explaining how in the last few years the economic uncertainty and the disruption caused by digitalization in all the fields have had a very strong impact on industrial companies. 

‘’Companies have been forced to move into the digital world and combine the physical and digital world in order to better serve their customers, to create new products, to be able to drive revenue and in order to be able to just make better decisions and be more efficient. So the digitalization is in all cases about increasing the value’’ said Juanjo further explaining the difference between digitization and digitalization. 

He said digitization is just the act of moving data from physical to digital, but it’s not about increasing the value that companies provide to their customers. 

‘’If you’re in doubt, you should always digitize everything as much as possible, but that will not solve the problem’’.

He shared his experience of working with many industrial companies, and as a result, several layers and stages have been identified for many companies to normally go through.

‘’It’s the path from physical installation, moving up to hardware and more intelligent hardware, programmable units and so on, moving up into the more software-based solutions, adding and processing more data and doing more intelligent solutions,  then eventually getting into this AI system. As companies are moving up this ladder, we normally identify three stages that they go through. So there is always this kind of leading phase where you need to answer questions like what is digitalization, what data I need and so on. Then, there comes the design and implementation phase where companies start actually testing and doing proof of concept to start implementing the solutions. After that, companies need to start deploying the solution, operating them, making sure that they stay secure and so on. These three steps can be applied when moving from any of those layers to the next one’’.

He stated that at the moment most of the companies they work with have already passed the software level, and just a few of them are looking for AI solutions.

‘’Regardless of whether they initially produce; the automation systems, factories, tractors, vessels, they are all now producing software. They are starting to analyze and figure out which data they can get, what they can do with it. In other words, most of them are under development phase of these new business models, and actually, fewer ones are already continuously operating these new data services’’ explained Juanjo.

This was just a small piece from our speaker’s talk. If you want to learn more about the topic, you can visit our youtube channel where you’ll find the videos of all the Munich AI Summit talks. 

We are thankful to all our sponsors (Fujitsu, Women in AI, Liquid Newsroom, Scylla and Urgestain, Wayra Germany), participants and the speakers for attending our Munich-AI Summit 2019, the one and only free event in Munich area related to AI.

Stay tuned to our blog where we’ll share further details of our upcoming event.


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