Future of Inbound Marketing using Artificial Intelligence: What impact we can expect

Inbound Marketing is a modern and revolutionary methodology which attracts more qualified leads to your businesses by providing the right content, to the right audience, at just the right time. It works perfectly for SaaS companies helping them to meaningfully engage with qualified leads, ultimately driving business growth. The impact of Artificial Intelligence is quite obvious here. Let’s run through the stages of inbound marketing and then take a look at how AI is disrupting this field.

Inbound marketing methodology consists of 4 stages:

1) attract

Engage potential customers through blog posts, keywords, social publishing.

2) convert

Capture customers using registration forms, call-to-actions, landing pages.

3) close

Seal the deal with CRMs, Email Marketing, Workflows

4) delight

The last stage of this circle is the use of surveys, smart content and social monitoring to keep your new customers happy. It is true that a big part of marketers’ every day’s actions is already automated, yet there is still a large amount of manual work.

How AI can help inbound marketers?

  1. AI can be used to recommend topic clusters to help attract the right leads.
  2. AI can make the converting process faster, easier and even more productive.
  3. AI chatbots can be a huge driver during stage 3, the close.
  4. AI can deliver high-quality social media monitoring, helping you react to mentions and conversations about your company and/or brand immediately.

Using AI to execute on your inbound marketing strategy will change the way you engage with your future customers. By increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of qualified leads you will watch your business grow in a very short period of time.

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