Interview with Cyber Security veteran Sascha Schumann

Hey, Everyone, this is Albert and welcome to the next episode of Cyber Podcast. You can find more information about me at my personal page For those who do not know who am I- I am a Startup investor and advisor, A.I. evangelist and the main strategist of the software accelerator Develandoo where we help companies build products in a unique way.

On this podcast, I am going to talk to some of the most successful people passionate about Cyber Security, AI, Data Science and company building.

Today I am excited to host Sascha Schumann. Sascha is the founder and CEO of Myra Security. Sascha is involved in DDoS protection and cybersecurity, and he is in charge of Myra Security. Their main purpose is to mitigate DDoS attacks and protect websites from cybersecurity threats within several industries. If you want to get in contact with Sascha, we will leave his LinkedIn in the description below. Further to that, they will be participating in 2 upcoming events:

it-sa (biggest IT Security Expo in Europe): 10th till 12th of October in Nuremberg, Germany

Data Centre World: 28th and 29th of November in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

They will have their own booth at both events so don’t miss them!
Thank you and Enjoy:

Albert: Hi Sasha! How are you doing today?

Sasha: Hi Albert.I’m doing very well.

Albert: I’m very excited to have you on this Podcast.There has been a lot of discussions about like I’ve been working in Munich for the last three years. And our company has also established there, and Myra’s security is ….on about the consulting and advisory services provided to the companies and also small to medium enterprises in Munich area. Could you please introduce yourself? Like your company, your occupation and your background.

Sasha: I started programming at the age of 7. Started doing open source at the age of 15 also contributed to PHP The language itself at the age of 16. And it was all a long time ago. So today we are focusing on providing enterprise IT security, especially for Networks as well as E-commerce providers, Government etc. We are focused on dealing with external threats. For example, attacks which are one of the most if not the most troubling issue for people running external networks or invisible external networks. So whenever you are facing threats from the outside, you can call our security. We can either protect whole systems or applications which are accessible via net through HTTP and HTTPS. So that’s our primary focus right now. My background is also a lot of HTTP staff.

Albert: I know that you have been contributing to the PHP core community. How did you decide to choose PHP and how did you get there?

Sasha: Ok, now we are talking about something like 1997. That is a long time ago when there was PHP3, and PHP3 lacked a lot of features which I just needed for my projects and projects for clients back then. So basically I had to introduce certain staff and a friend of mine suggested looking at PHP, PHP was not fully developed as you know today of course, so I just started adding staff and fixing staff which did not work for me yet. So this was how it was actually PHP developing.

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