Making AI More Visible. Munich AI Summit Goes Global

AI is no longer a futuristic technology but is integrated into almost all the areas of our lives. It’s impactful, dynamic and what’s more important it’s moving fast. And living in times when the seeds of our own inventiveness have the fullest potential to change practically everything around us, there comes a question whether the idea of AI is absorbed the way it should be. In other words, whether people understand the real impact of AI implementations and approaches.

Well, having this idea in mind, the team of enthusiasts at Develandoo AI Innovation Lab decided to give continuation to an important educational and networking initiative in the Munich area where the company head office is located. And on October 8th at Wayra Open Innovation Hub we kicked off Munich AI Summit 2019 under the slogan ‘’Hip and free science for everyone’’ as we trust in the power of mass educating for a single purpose; bring people together, talk about AI, raise awareness and enable our audience to freely increase their knowledge. 

It’s already the second year our one-day summit united the brightest minds and thought leaders in AI, Data Science and Machine Learning around insightful talks and workshops packed with many different innovations and practical approaches by the leading industry experts from Fujitsu, Women in AI, Telefónica Deutschland, SAP, Scylla, and others. 

The topics our speakers touched upon were various such as ‘’AI is Changing Our World: How We Can Shape the Change’’, ‘’Machine Learning in Banking’’,  ‘’Data Protection and Privacy in AI’’, ‘’Applied Hyperparameter Tuning’’, ‘’Intelligent Augmentation for Your Surveillance Security Systems’’, ‘’Becoming a Data-driven Enterprise’’.

There was quite a big engagement from the audience raising a lot of interesting questions, networking, discussing and arguing certain points. 

And of course, the companies and people without whom we couldn’t bring this initiative to life. Huge thanks to our sponsors Fujitsu, Women in AI, Liquid Newsroom, Scylla and Urgestain, Wayra Germany for their trust and support in the scope of this important collaboration. 

There are a lot of interesting materials to come, so we strongly recommend you to subscribe to our Youtube channel, follow our social media platforms as well as stay tuned to our blog where we’ll share each of our speaker’s talks with so many interesting episodes.

And we have many big plans related to this initiative. We’re officially launching AI Summit in different countries. In 2020 our destination is Yerevan, the beautiful capital of Armenia.

Develandoo is the leading AI company in Armenia. As an innovation lab, Develandoo has successfully created over 30 products for global enterprises such as KPIT Germany and Welocalize USA.

Develandoo has also incubated three in-house startups which are leading the markets in their areas of expertise:

  1. Scylla – World’s leading gun detection system
  2. Cibola – World’s first in-store analytics system
  3. Protogen – Generic Tabular Data platform

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