Nikita Gorshkov Giving Insights On Company Culture And Team Building

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This is Albert, and welcome to the next episode of Cyber Podcast.

For those who do not know who am I – I am a Startup investor and advisor, A.I. evangelist and the main strategist of the software accelerator Develandoo where we help companies build products in a unique way.

In this week’s episode, I am more than happy to host Nikita Gorshkov!

He has experience in the digital world for more than eight years and is building his own company right now called Caesium.

Today we are going to talk about company building, staffing of freelancers and company culture.

Albert: Hey Nikita, how are you today?

Nikita: Hi Albert, I am great thank you very much, excited to be here.

Albert: I am very excited to host you on the podcast! Your profile looks quite interesting, so can you please introduce yourself, your background and your experience?

Nikita: Sure thing! My name is Nikita Gorshkov, I am originally from Moscow, there I finished the Moscow Physics and Technology and basically in 2008 instead of doing Physics I switched over to working in IT, I was for a long time in the digital consulting business, consulting multiple companies for an agency and I transitioned in 2011 to Berlin and went to work in the Startup sphere in Quandoo as head of Consumer Products in 2014 and now I am building my own company Caesium that is all specialized all around Freelancers and Teams and essentially their clients. I’ve been working with a lot of different Freelancers and a lot of different companies as my clients and basically have seen a lot of frustration with working and interaction between these two parties. That’s how the idea came around to build the company that would actually solve these issues.

Albert: Interesting because I’ve been publishing a lot about the company culture and the political organisations and what is the main fact driving people working as full-time employees to becoming freelancers. So Caesium is about the concept and how did you come to this idea and in what stage is the business currently?

Nikita: We came to the idea with my friends. So I left the agency, my friend took over my position as Head of Digital there and the agency was structured basically that there was a quarantine of people in house and around 20-30 freelancers from developers, designers and whatnot working all around it. And basically the frustrations that we experience both with them and as their clients and also on the side of the freelancers is basically that there is no tool that can easily monitor and manage the freelancers and there is no tool where freelancers or especially a team of freelancers can do all the administration, communicate with their clients and actually track their progress in a way that would be visible to the client. And moreover all the places where you search for these freelancers are all over the place so you have to re-enter your profile every single time and there is no validation of your profile on any of them so when I look on a freelancer on linkedin I don’t believe anything he writes there so I have no choice but to try to test him or evaluate him before hiring so we try to solve this problem by providing a one stop solution with multiple integrations with Third party tools on a single platform and using the data that is generated during the project by a freelancer to create his profile on the go. The more you work on the platform the richer your profile becomes and we validate the things that you do or you say you do by having the client pay you through the platform as well and once you have this invoice for example we know that the skills you mentioned there or the tasks that you did there actually true to a certain degree of course.

For the rest of the interview please check out the audio track…

Feel free to contact Nikita directly in LinkedIn.

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