Nowadays Mute Assistants. Why Having a Decent To Do List is Crucial to Your Success

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin

We all somehow struggle with our daily routines trying to organize and make them more productive and less exhausting. And definitely, the most difficult part comes before the implementation phase, i.e. planning and organizing all the daily tasks, figuring out what we need to do and what’s more important, in what order. There are so many things in our minds we can’t track them or we think we have no time and there comes the risk of ending up with 0 results. 

Here nothing can help better than making a to-do list which is a crucial part of a successful day, the topic we’re going to discuss in this article.

Many studies have shown that people tend to get motivated and perform better when they have a specific written list to which they can come back, check the status and yes, put the most desirable checkmark and finally, see the result of the whole work conducted during the day. Yes, you did it. Let’s agree it’s easier than for example keeping the overwhelming information in your head.

So why having a to-do list is that useful and what makes it such an effective productivity tool?

First, having a to-do list helps to shape the structured working flow. Having a structured list in your boards allows you to work much more effectively, as in this case you make plans which lead to actions.

Your to-do list will always be your best alarm clock, it will help you have a good memory, as it also trains your brain. In your daily routine, you can have some tasks that are not completed or you may need more resources for solving them. Making a decent daily task list may take 15-20 minutes from your work time, however, it will help you save 4-5 hours and manage your time in a much more reasonable way.

Recently HubSpot has presented the top 10 best to-do list apps in 2019 which are developed to simplify your task management. You can find the list with the detailed description here, choose your favorite one and start using it as you can’t find any better assistant which silently guides you through the day. Just trust me!

And to sum up, I would just like to add that having a to-do list is like having an external memory. It allows you to forget some unimportant things which, believe me, take greater space in your brains that you can possibly imagine. And what refers to those unimportant things, it’s another topic for an article. Next time I’ll touch upon an equally important and interesting topic of building a don’t do list which can also bring promising benefits to your success.  

So stick around not to miss it. See you soon, guys!

P.S. And again, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Ofelya, yes, yes, the same girl from HR. 😉

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