How can we drive efficiency within Smart Cities?

In Episode 2, Smart City & IoT program MD Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, discusses the important topic of Privacy and Security within our cities, together with special guests Ronald Kingma, CISSP founding partner of Access42-NL and Ara Ghazaryan co-founder of Scylla.

AI Game Changers S2 – Ara Ghazaryan – Chief Data Scientist/Co-Founder – Scylla

This week on the AI Game Changers podcast, I speak to Ara Ghazaryan - Technical Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist for Scylla - the AI company who are building Computer Vision AI systems for Threat Detection & Prevention.  

Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast. Our CEO Albert Stepanyan speaks on his company’s new AI-driven weapon detector

Albert Stepanyan speaks on his company’s new AI-driven weapon detector

The Founder, Editor and Host at Defense & Aerospace Report Vago Muradyan hosted a Panel Discussion on Defense, Information & Cyber Warfare. Staying true to the trend of the conference he spoke with Albert Stepanyan CEO of Scylla, an innovative company that aims to prevent and protect populations from mass-shooting attacks.

Rise of the Machines: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?


Will the robots rise up and take over? Or will Artificial Intelligence usher in a Utopian future? These concepts may have seemed like science fiction just 10-20 years ago, but visionaries like Elon Musk are warning us to take the notion of true AI very seriously. Like any powerful tool, the impact of AI will depend on how we develop and use it.
In this week’s episode - technologist Albert Stepanyan. Albert Stepanyan is an A.I. Evangelist and Entrepreneur who loves code.He has an entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for coding. Currently, he acts as the CEO and lead strategist at Develandoo, a software accelerator that is changing the way companies build products. His experience includes acting as CTO of a Munich-based Startup accelerator, lead engineer at various enterprises, and lead engineer or technical co-founder on more than 50 high-profile projects.

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