Remote is Now Trendy and Healthy. Develandoo’s HR Manager Keeps Her Finger on the Pulse

The recent situation related to the COVID-19 outbreak has become a real stress test for the world’s population. Demonstrating the ability to quickly respond, think of the best possible ways and methods on how to decrease the negative impact of the issues caused by the outbreak and immediately act is what we exactly need. Managing your team in-house and then suddenly switching to remote is the very challenge which is here to toughen you up as an HR leader. 

Digital communication enables remote work, but it creates a whole set of new problems. It’s easy just in a blink of an eye to forget that you’re dealing with real people working on the other side of laptops if you lack some important skills necessary for keeping your team up and running.


Overcome virtual distance and communicate.

People often lack effective communication skills both with teammates and management but this way or another communication is key, and HR managers should help them adapt to this idea; the sooner the better. Schedule regular checkups with your remote employees. Simply communicate with them and ask them how they feel, what they need, and gather their feedback to use as a base for your further daily improvements. The more you communicate, the easier it becomes to maintain good work relations within your team. Organize small interesting chats with each of them during breaks, share some positive materials to read, listen or watch, and don’t forget about face to face calls as they are 10 times more effective than the ordinary ones. 


Keep on motivating your team even more than you were doing before.

No matter you work in-house or remote the impact of motivation remains the same. Share some useful information, give some new insights about what is going on in the world, talk with them about work and not only. Find and give them access to different learning platforms and courses, motivate them for self-development. 


Try to involve all of them.

Your team can be effective both when working remotely and in-house, here the point is to involve all of them in the overall process. For this to happen, HR managers should ensure that remote workers can collaborate with both their co-workers and managers using their emails, slack accounts, having access and invitations to all the calls and online meetings. Arrange conference calls together with the teams, create different channels for having non-work-related talks. 


Care for your people both in-house and online.

In many smaller companies, it’s common for HR to be considered as the office ”mom” or a psychologist. HR managers support when you need it. They tell you ”no” if your idea is unfit for the workplace. They are always ready to cheer you up if they see there is a problem. Overall, this is called caring which is one of the most important parts of their work. So care and show them by your own example that caring is the direct way of doing things right no matter you’re in the office or outside.

Finally, don’t forget about the feedback and appreciation as it’s undeniably important and still matters. Take your time to communicate with team managers and leads. Get feedback on the work done, and again remember about the magic impact of the phrase ‘’thank you’’. It’s still magic online.


Stay safe and healthy, people. New promising days to enjoy with your team are yet to come. 


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