When You Listen to People, You Always Find a Clue. Astghik Has a Unique Way of Handling Team Challenges

We continue presenting our series of interviews titled ”People of Develandoo”, and today we’ve prepared another interview with the one who’s always there to keep our spirits up, listen and support as well as help our team grow and develop. Guess who? Yes, it’s our HR manager, Astghik Malkhasyan. She has shared some interesting thoughts about her life and career, goals and achievements, challenges, and the way she copes with them.

-Is it better to be perfect and late, or good and on time? 

-This is a tricky question to answer, and there is no ideal one to find. We say we are individualistic, thus we always strive for personal productivity. Nevertheless, I am keen on discipline, because only through discipline you gain and don’t lose. Even the most genius innovations are genius on time.

-What’s the biggest decision you’ve had to make in the recent period of your life? 

-The biggest decision was to continue my career development in IT. It was somehow a truly different world for me when looking from the other side of the window. But, now I can surely say this was the right one. 

-What’s something you’d be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career?

-Making people feel special and helping them find the right path for their lives not only their career. 

-Life would be so boring without…

-…changes and endings. Changes are challenging, endings are stimulating you for the new starts. Even when you get disappointed you need to get up early and start to make changes every single day. 

-Astghik, what is your definition of teamwork?

-When everyone takes responsibility and shares the same road to success. 

-An HR manager with a background in psychology, how do you combine two of these spheres to get the best possible result in work?
-When you understand people, their emotional world, you understand what will help them feel happy and satisfied. You help them find the balance and feel their importance. The most powerful way to do it is through listening. When you listen to people, you always find a clue. 

 -What are the main challenging part of your profession and especially of your work with Develandoo team?

-The primary challenge is to make right decisions as you deal with people, and your mistakes can directly impact their work attitudes and demotivate them. In the case of Develandoo, it’s the team where people are absolutely different. I’ve previously worked in spheres where people share common attitudes towards the company. Develandoo teammates are setting their individual goals and have their own image of the company, which we have to realize. 

-An incident that made you think of giving up on smth?

 -I have never thought of giving up. That’s my personal attitude to whatever I do. If you get disappointed, go back and change the way you did it. If you have no chance to change, learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again. 

-Who’s the ideal employee for you?

-This is a person who cares; to do his/her best for the result, to develop, to make an input and take ownership.

-Do you remember your first day in Develandoo, how was it?

-Well, I was very excited and confused to meet new people but I remember that the team was very impatiently waiting for the HR manager to come, and yeah, they made me feel really special.  

-HR manager and employees; what’s the utmost point of succeeding and failing in these relations? Share your ideas based on your experience of working with your current team. 

-At Develandoo, the C level motivates you to make changes and constantly work. This is what I want to highlight the most. When you are surrounded by people who always strive for self-development and growth, you have no time to fail in keeping up with them. Our team mostly supports and welcomes the initiatives coming from us. Problems usually may arise when the decisions are not aligned with the expectations but if you cope with the problems right, you feel support in any difficult conditions. This is when you are fair and transparent.

-What are the most important things that a candidate/a new employee should know about this company? 

-You are sure to get the highest-level goals and work in a very demanding team. You will be appreciated and rewarded for your work and progress. You will become a member of our little family, where we all care for each other and strive for company success. Of course, this is not the full list. So, whoever is reading this and planning to join us, I’m looking forward to meeting you and presenting a lot more we have in store for you.

-What has driven you to be where you are now in your life, career. What will be your advice to people?

-The best thing you can ever do for yourself is to develop a value system and goals you are going to achieve. Don’t talk, go and act. Be interactive, flexible, inventive. Always choose the things you enjoy. Don’t quit when you fail, believe in the power of failures as they are the best teachers in your life. Never take your job home and never value work more than your personal happiness. You’ll start to look at life from an entirely different perspective. You will be the best employee who never blames others for their own failures, you will be the best friend and just a good person who values and enjoys life to the fullest.


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