With Music in Her Heart and Science in Her Head… She is Mane

As we continue presenting our series of interviews titled ”People of Develandoo”, today we’ve prepared another interview with one of our super talented teammates, Mane who has shared some of her coolest ideas. By the way, we call her Develandoo’s musical lady. Enjoy!

-Mane, films or books? 

-I can’t choose between two completely different types of art. Each of them has its own methods to illustrate the message of the author/film director.

-I can’t imagine my life without….

-…my coffee, maybe.

-I’m a person who….. 

-…LET THE DOGS OUT?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkuu0Lwb5EM

-Mane, why do people dream?

-Because the unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it.

-A thing you missed a lot during this self-isolation period?

– Cheesecakes at my favorite cafe.

-You’re Develandoo’s musical lady. Is it hard to have really good taste in music? 

-It wasn’t hard for me, because my parents had good (IMHO) musical taste, and I basically grew up with Beatles songs as lullabies. Though later I went into classical rock -> metal -> progressive rock and finally came into jazz music. I handle all these and many more genres as good music, but mostly I enjoy jazz and jazz-fusion.

-Mane, you entered this company as an intern. How did you decide and started your internship here? Tell us some interesting moments of your journey from an intern to a junior data scientist.

– One of my classmates said that Develandoo needs interns. At that time I was looking for opportunities, so I applied. I liked that experience and so chose to stay and work here. I liked that during my internship I had the opportunity to research on new (for me) ideas and it was very interesting․

-You’ve been studying, working at Develandoo and AUA (a teaching assistant),  how did you manage to combine all of these activities?

– Well, with patience and with the help of my friends. Of course, I ended up with sustained fatigue ։D, but it was a good experience and I think I can do it again :))

-What are the main difficulties, challenges of your profession?

– One of the main challenges in this profession is that mostly we face problems that nobody solved earlier. I mean, when there is not enough time for research there will be always a high risk that in the end, your hard work will not give sufficient results.

– Describe an episode of work with your team. 

– Work, jokes, work, work, jokes, work, jokes. Basically every working day. 😀

-An incident that made you think of giving up on smth?

– Those thoughts aren’t even “incidents”. They are a constant part of my normal life. 🙂 (Here I could tell a motivational quote, but I don’t want to lie. 🙂 )

-Mane, what drives and motivates you in life and career?

– An award in the form of positive self-evaluation (according to Skinner’s behaviorism theory).

-Do you have any examples of people you admire? 

-Jaco Pastorious. He was the best bass player in history.

-What other professions would you choose if not programming?

– After skill-sharpening during self-isolation, I would rather say a barman or a barista 😀

-Is there a certain destination or point you want to achieve both in the long term and short term periods?

– Short term-get an academic degree in Data Science and become a good researcher, long term: live a long and healthy life.

-Do you remember your first day in Develandoo, how was it?

– It was difficult because at that time I was so shy that I barely spoke with someone. 😀

-Share your opinion about collaborating with Develandoo team, how it has been so far?

-Develandoo team is very diverse, that’s sometimes interesting, and sometimes difficult. The team here is very supportive and tries to help you to develop in many areas with training courses, presentations and talks that are organized all the time.

-Share your advice, your success case, what has driven you to be where you are now in your life, career?

– the advice: Try not to become a speaker of “Fuckup Nights”.


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