Use Cases

Protective Intelligence Suite


Develandoo has developed an AI based protective intelligence suite which has the following functionalities: PTD – Preventive Threat Detection: We detect suspicious behavior and firearms. VIT – Vehicle Identification and Tracking: Vehicle Identification, Number Plate Recognition, Vehicle Tracking. SSIS - Smart Suspect Identification System: Human detection, Masked human Detection, Face analytics. MSU – Mobile Surveillance Unit: Get footage from bird’s-eye view using drones.


We used Artificial Intelligence to analyze data coming from stationary and portable cameras. The system then processed the acquired data to generate meaningful information about the activity contained in the video stream. The system matched the results of data through our Smart Decision Making algorithm Charon to identify the potential threats, the information about suspect, activity or vehicle in the video feed. Lastly, the system distributed alerts to law enforcement response units through our web and mobile channels with the information about the subject, location and the identity of the potential threat.

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